Social media for business

May 22, 2019 0

One great thing about marketing your products or services through social media is that you can reach a wider audience bracket than what you could by local sales. This means, you have a wider range of brand reach and could promote yourself to a much bigger extend than what we could do before.

The key point to be aware of when marketing your brand is to make sure your audience finds value in what you are offering. Bombarding people with stuff they don’t necessarily require or constantly offering discounts or promotions isn’t really the way to go. By showing your following using your product/ services adds value can build trust between the brand and the consumer – This is very helpful if you are a startup.

For the Middle East market, social media platforms being used are completely different. Some countries prefer to use Twitter for their daily update, trends & communication whereas as countries such as UAE has a leading amount of users on Snapchat & Instagram. Whereas Linkedin, like most other regions, is still used for business by professionals.

Making sure to create the right content

By making sure your content is right, the keywords are right, the hashtags & descriptions are right, there is a much higher chance for you to reach your targeted audience.

Since search engines like Google now work on an algorithm pattern, using the right keyword to match your picture or post on a consistent period could result in the increase of chances of increasing your page rank. Which means the right folks who you would expect to be seeing your brand could be easily reached.

One of the few tips that can be used to create an online presence is as mentioned below:

  1. Making sure the accounts are created with the right and accurate text content to make sure they mention the right details for your brand.
  2. Making sure the content or image you put match your brand and are relevant to your industry
  3. Updating your social media accounts regularly (although not too frequently) to keep your audience updated on your brand
  4. Updating the cover pictures twice or thrice in a month on your Facebook/Twitter account to keep the page looking fresh
  5. Posting more video content & stories of your workspace, showing your products or your team to create a genuine feel & also to build trust with your users
  6. By using the right #-tags to reach your potential audience
  7. Making sure your post designs are up-to-date: this is one point we would like to emphasis on as most of the accounts we come across now days have outdated content, posts or designs even if they are well-reputed brands. Focusing mostly on the millennials, design is key to attract the younger crowd.