The impact of digital transformation on the workplace

May 16, 2019 0

Digital transformation is impacting businesses across every industry and has had a major impact on sectors ranging from insurance to engineering.

Digital Transformation involves technology being introduced into the work culture to create efficiency through automation or skill reorientation, making the process more aligned with achieving a predetermined goal.

The latest trends in digitizing efforts is looking at how people work and connect with their employers and work environments.

Digital transformation has huge incentives for organizations—considering the workplace needs to keep pace with the changes the business environment is currently facing. It is important for companies, now more than ever to respond and succeed through those challenges if they want to be successful.

Perhaps the biggest misconception, however, is the idea that transformation simply means investing in digital technology. If you buy it, change will come—or so the thinking goes. But technology alone, without a digital workplace to fully support its use, will fail to live up to its full potential.

That’s why digital transformation has to start within. It takes an organization-wide cultural shift to truly leverage the power of technology. In other words, companies need to create a good employee experience first in order to ultimately deliver a good customer experience—and that means focusing on building a digital workplace

In a successful digital workplace, employees are engaged, productive, and mobile. But these are all byproducts of the transformation, not the purpose of it. To get there, enterprises need to be clear about what strategic goal they’re aiming for. So what makes a workplace truly digital?

Gartner defines a digital workplace as an environment where “employees are able to quickly and easily share what they know and find what they need with consistent experiences across devices and locales”. According to Avenade, it’s one that empowers employees to drive business growth through the use of digital tools, regardless of their location.

In today’s highly competitive environment, the biggest strategic asset, with which you can gain an edge above the rest, is your team. So move forward – engage your employees, and invest in them to build an organization that pushes ahead towards success.